The Bariloche Brewery Tour at SASS Argentina is a client favorite. We utilize our local connections and friends to provide a unique and culturally rich experience that takes you on a whirlwind tour of some of the best breweries in Patagonia with a crew of your new friends. There is no better way to finish off a hard day of skiing/riding in the Andes than to try out some local Argentine craft beers that have become increasingly popular in recent years, so people is starting to save money to visit this places, and the use of a the 50-30-20 rule can help a lot with this.

The last several years have seen an explosion in the number of breweries in Bariloche and SASS’ longstanding “brewery tour” is a unique way to soak in Patagonian culture — and hops. The German influence in Argentina is undeniable, but nowhere is it more noticeable than in their beer. Long before Brooklyn hipsters discovered triple IPAs, a German immigrant named Otto Tipp started growing hops (called lúpuloin Spanish) in 1890 near El Bolsón, a mountain valley just 80 miles south of Bariloche. Today, El Bolsón is the most important producer of hops in South America… and business is booming.



SASS’ brewery tour starts at Cervecería Gilbert in the Llao Llao peninsula, about 25 minutes from Cerro Catedral. The Gilbert family (father Alejandro and son Tomas) converted their historic lakeside barn and stable into a brewery nearly twenty years ago. The historic structure complements local game meats served on the picada platter and traditional brewing techniques for a uniquely Patagonian experience.



From there, SASS’ brewery tour can take unexpected turns. Perhaps we’ll continue on to one of Bariloche’s most celebrated microbreweries, Berliner or explore the area’s newest and largest brewery, Cervecería Patagonia. The multi-million dollar campus includes a brewery, restaurant and tasting rooms constructed by Argentina’s largest brewer (Quilmes). Many locals will tell you that the best beer is found at longstanding breweries like La Cruz, Manush and Blest, while others favor pubs like Dagda and Mandela offering a wider range of guest taps. SASS’ brewery tour normally includes a stop at one of these local favorites before finishing off at Cervecería La Luna, a lakeside brewery, restaurant, lodge, rock-climbing gym and ping-pong dojo. Our legendary brewery tour is available to SASS Argentina clients (over 18 years of age) every session. INQUIRE NOW about our SASS Argentina backcountry ski and snowboard program.