Guidos Boarding Through NYC!

After Mother Nature let loose the juice on the Northeast, the guidos emerged from their habitats on Staten Island. Casey Neistat (AKA The Situation’s cousin) grabbed his board and caught some snow towing in the most unusual of places....

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Rookie’s Video Of The Day

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  • May 04, 2014
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Athletes beginning a sport can take a couple hints from all approaches. An outsider’s perspective on yourself can be helpful in all fields but especially so in surfing and other board sports, where stance and posture are some of...

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How To Prevent Altitude Sickness

The possibility of altitude sickness (or Acute Mountain Syndrome) is a strong danger for skiers and snowboarders in any elevation. At high altitudes, oxygen levels are low enough to present problems to even the strongest of athletes. With the...

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10 Ways To Be A Better Traveler

Getting started on an adventure has never been easier. Although hundreds of travel websites can help you, many travelers are stuck in the tourist mindset and cannot fully appreciate all the opportunities that await them. Follow these 10 tips...

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