The SASS Global Travel Experience

What do you get when friends old and new come together for the most epic and memorable  global adventure? We would call that the SASS Experience, and you just drank the punch.

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Surf Camp Rincon Puerto Rico

SASS Puerto Rico is a progression based surf camp for beginners and intermediates looking to learn to surf or take their skills to the next level. Utilizing our very own Rincon Surf School & Resort, SASS Puerto Rico is...

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What is the SASS Family?

We know it sounds cheesy, but we don’t care because the SASS Family is real. One of the greatest things about a SASS experience is that you get to share it with an unreal crew of like-minded travelers who share...

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Puerto Rico – Surf & Service Trips

Looking for how to help Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria? We have set up a unique way for you to be of service while taking advantage of the uncrowded line-ups.

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Trip Layaway

SASS Global Travel offers Trip Layaway, a unique payment option that helps make your dream adventure travel experience a reality. Layaway payment plans for travel are hard to come by and we pride ourselves in offering this tool to...

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At SASS Global Travel our product, and what separates us from other adventure travel companies, is the quality of our staff. Whether it is the experience and professionalism of our guides and coaches, the dedication and efficiency of our...

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What is SASS Global Travel?

MISSION STATEMENT: “To share our passion for travel and progression by providing the platform to reach the next level on snow and in the water around the globe while growing and supporting the SASS family.”

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Surf vs. Snow: An Inside Look

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  • November 17, 2016
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Surfing and snowsports will forever be compared. They always have been and they always will be. With similarities in their demographics, industry icons and adrenaline-seeking mindsets, it’s no wonder why there is a hefty amount of crossover between these...

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Longboard vs. Shortboard

I, like most surfers out there, paddled into my first waves on a longboard. The 9’0” singlefin absolute beater of a log was generously gifted to me from a previous generation. I was lucky enough to progress quickly as a...

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Top 10 Skier Instagram Accounts to Follow

As we’ve witnessed over the past five years, social media is taking over the world.  Your grandparents are now Facebook, your bosses are on Snapchat, and above all that, everything you publish is available somewhere on the Internet.  So...

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