MISSION STATEMENT: “To share our passion for travel and progression by providing the platform to reach the next level on snow and in the water around the globe while growing and supporting the SASS family.”

SASS = Surf And Snow Sessions

SASS Global Travel’s roots began in the backcountry of the Argentinian Andes. We developed from a camp designed to bring freestyle snowboarders into bigger terrain in full-on winter conditions during the summer months. We are now a full-service action sports travel company specializing in unique surf and snow experiences all over the globe. From the beginning, it has been about progression and introduction into a new realm each sport with an emphasis on the experience as a whole. Today, these same concepts live on as the basis for all of our trips.

SASS Global Travel currently operates trips in four locations around the globe. Our flagship program, SASS Argentina runs throughout August in Bariloche, Argentina and is the best big mountain backcountry skiing and snowboarding camp in the world. We run the Rincón Surf School and Resort 365 days a year in Rincón, Puerto Rico catering to all levels of surfers providing lessons and exclusive accommodations. SASS Japan is a glutinous powder shredding experience based on the North Island of Hokkaido during January that takes advantage of massive snowfall and unreal backcountry access. Our newest trip, SASS Chile, runs off the tail end of SASS Argentina at the beginning of September and is the premier backcountry snowmobile accessed guided ski and snowboard experience in the world. SASS Global Travel is currently developing multiple trips for both surf and snow enthusiasts at new locations that will bring the same devotion to customer service and client stoke.

Each one of these experiences is unique due the cultures, terrain and climate that surround you while traveling to these locations, but the vibe and excitement is the same across the board. Our clients may be surfing in Puerto Rico or skiing in Argentina, but the SASS Experience remains the cornerstone to each trip.

What is the SASS Experience? It starts with our staff. We are a group of knowledgeable travelers comprised of logistics gurus, true watermen, professional backcountry guides, expert coaches and customer service aficionados all with a desire to share our passion for our sports, the locations we call home and the pursuit of that next level. We provide a welcomed access into the minds of true experts, giving you an example of what is possible on snow or in the water while making sure our clients feel as though they are part of something bigger, more inclusive and more gratifying.

The SASS Family is real. It may sound cheesy, but we have found that by living together, playing together eating together and experiencing the world together with a common goal, we create a bond unlike any other with our clients. The SASS Family is not something we set out to create, but it was the response of our clients that made us realize the following we are building. Life-long friends are made on every trip. Our clients tend to come back year after year, or cross over to different trips just because they know that the want to spend their time enveloped in the SASS Experience.

Additionally, we pride ourselves in integrating education into the experience at every turn. Not only will our guides and coaches show you to the goods, but it is our goal for you to head home with new knowledge and understanding about what it takes for you to go find them on your own. Our aim is to provide the tools and build the skills necessary to enter into the backcountry or into bigger waves in new locations with a true understanding of the risks, how to minimize them and how to excel. It is this devotion to experiential education that gives those on our trips a deeper passion for their sport and the ability to take it to the next level.
SASS Global Travel is excited to continue to provide the SASS Expereince in new locations around the world. We have found that operating our trips internally, rather than contracting other agencies, guides or workers gives us the ability to make sure that our standards are always met. Our devoted clients have come to expect a specific level of service and trust that we will nail it every time while making sure that everyone is progressing, growing and having a blast.

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