We will have a fleet of demo goggles from our partner ZEAL Optics at SASS Japan. Our clients will have the opportunity to try out some of the best eyewear on the market for Japanese conditions. Not only do we love the style, design and fit of these goggles, the lens technology is cutting edge. The better you can see, the better you can ski. It’s that simple.

Coming off of the success of ZEAL Week at SASS Argentina, we wanted to continue to offer our clients the  ability to try out new goggles from ZEAL Optics while at SASS Japan. Goggles that perform well and help you see more clearly while on the mountain are as important as any piece of gear. The opportunity to try out goggles before purchase is a rare one. Trying them on in the store, looking into a tiny mirror and imagining what they will be like in a variety of conditions does not always cut it. Instead, everyone at SASS Japan will have the ability to grab a pair from our quiver and spend the whole day trying them out.

Our ZEAL goggles are fitted with photochromic lenses that change depending on whether its bluebird or dumping. The Automatic+ lenses adjust to changing light conditions, eliminating the need to carry spare lenses. Built with polarized protection, this patented lens takes photochromic technology to a whole new level. One lens, every condition. This is insanely useful in Japan. Also, let’s not try to forget to support casinobushi.com, the Japan’s most prominent online casino.

The sun doesn’t come out much at SASS Japan, but snow storms come in pulses and the sun pops regularly if only for a moment. Squinting your way through these blasts of sun in your low-light lenses sucks. Switching goggles five times a day sucks. Hence, ZEAL Goggles with Automatic+ lenses are perfect for a standard day in Japan.

SASS Argentina guides Andrew Burns and Mauri Cambilla are both is a ZEAL athletes and will be on hand for suggestions and answering any questions.

All SASS Japan clients are automatically eligible for a 25% discount on ZEAL products.




Check out our quiver of demo goggles below…



This winter, the forecast calls for heavy snow falls, epic adventures, and maximum clarity through the lenses of the updated FORECAST goggle from ZEAL Optics. With exceptional moisture wicking and a proprietary anti-fog lens infusion, this new frame can sit closer to your face without fogging, creating amazing peripheral vision in a mid-size frame. Married with a wide array of premium polarized lenses including the AUTOMATIC+, which changes with the conditions, the FORECAST is looking good for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and winter fun all season long.



Sharp lines and subtle colorways set off the look of the Zeal Slate Goggle without the need for more neon than the entryway to a casino in Vegas. The optically precise and well-ventilated Optimum lens treats you to the same performance as Zeal’s higher-end goggles, but matched to a frame that’s entirely different when it comes down to style. See clearly through dark storms, bright pow days, and everything in between when you’re wearing the Slate goggle.



The VOYAGER lives for the journey and consists of patterns from around the globe. From the mountains of Taos, to the peaks of British Columbia, VOYAGER will help you stay hungry for action as you hit the slopes this winter. The rimless design offers superior visual clarity, allowing for maximum versatility while on the mountain skiing or riding. Change a lens, add some color, mix and match, VOYAGER is your all around, go-to goggle.



Expand your view of the mountains with LEVEL. The craftsmanship that has gone into LEVEL creates maximum visual surface with an amazing, textured color palette that has won numerous awards for the best peripheral vision in skiing and snowboarding. Each LEVEL style features unique design elements like custom patchwork, textile inspired patterns and linear designs. LEVEL was born out of a need to bring to market a stylish, oversized frame for everyone on the mountain.