We throw the best asado in Bariloche every Thursday night throughout SASS Argentina. The asado is a huge part of Argentinian culture and is the perfect farewell dinner for each session. Slow cooked over hardwood coals throughout the day while everyone is on the hill, this serve-yourself event is a favorite of pretty much everyone. We hang out next to the bonfire, eat a seemingly endless number of different local cuts and finish it off with a round of applause for the asador (Argentinian grill master).

A farewell dinner is a part of each SASS experience. Whether that means a crazy local barn party at SASS Japan or the asado at SASS Argentina, we like to send everyone off with a rare, unique and delicious cultural experience. Asado night is every Thursday throughout all of SASS Argentina and features what the locals here do best: steak.

Argentina is known for the quality of its beef as well as its particular grilling style. The grill (parilla) is a gathering place as well as a finely tuned cooking device set over hardwood coals to slow-cook large cuts of meat over an entire afternoon. The result is worth the wait, with a vast array of Argentinian asado favorites served over a span of several hours.



The first to leave the grill is generally chorizos (traditional grill sausages) and morcillas (a type of seasoned blood sausage), often served with bread and chimichurri. Next off is the entraña, a flank steak cut famed for its flavor. Next might be the celebrated Bife de Lomo and Ojo de Bife tenderloin cuts, comparable to our Filet Mignon. Finally, larger cuts such as the Bife de Chorizo (comparable to a New York Strip) and Bife Angosto come off the grill to round out the carne experience, followed by a hearty dessert served by our amazing dining staff.



We set up a bonfire at our base area lodge right next to the pool/hot tub and watch as the asador does his thing. Drinks in our hands and glorious scents in our nostrils, we reminisce about the unreal week of skiing and riding we have shared together. As stories are tossed around and morsels, the SASS Family grows with every bite. It’s August, there is snow on the ground, our legs are sore from long days of shredding, our cheeks are sore from long days of smiling and there is no better way to finish off a trip to Argentina than to share in this cultural experience together.



Vegetarian? Don’t worry. We have plenty of options for pretty much every dietary restriction. The goal is to create an inclusive last night together atmosphere and you will not feel left out in the least.

The only way to enjoy the best asado in Bariloche is to join us for SASS Argentina. The first step to making this dream trip a reality is to click the INQUIRE NOW button below…