This is Dr. Crockett’s interview hour

Where based on the subject’s intelligence they are asked a serious of questions and then scored on how deeply they search their soul.

Skylar Holgate is the head guide at SGT Argentina and has been for some time. He also spends his “off” time guiding at Silverton Mountain in Colorado, owning and operating the Bonnie Belle Cabin, Guiding in Alaska and he happens to be pretty nasty on his board as well. Skylar is a man’s man, if that man lives in the backcountry, enjoys a pint of ale and holds strong opinions on gun control. On this very special holiday edition of D.C.I.H. Skylar checks his ego and submits to certain emotional breakdown.

Today’s subject is Skylar Holgate

Mr. Holgate’s questions are:


View on rocker vs. camber vs. mustache boards?
Flat till just outside my bindings rocker tip and tail.

Describe SGT Argentina Lodge in one story (not featuring Crockett)?
Non stop action, lots of laughter, easy access to the mountain (about 100 yards from Gondola), lots of food, and epic pool parties for après

Bets x-mas/Kwanza present ever received?
First snowboard, thanks Mom and Dad.

Where do see snowboarding evolving to?
That’s up to the young guns.

Vote on the following:

Rider of the year?
Fabio Grasso, Dude shattered his hip in a climbing accident 4 months ago, and is already back at a professional level guiding.

Video of the year?
Haven’t seen too many this year, TGR “Dream Factory” was epic.

Hottest chick in Snowboarding/Skiing?
The P.S girls, Hana, RVG, hot chicks slayin POW can’t go wrong.

Dude you want to spend a couple of nights in a tent with?
Anyone with good roll up skillz and clean socks.

Best trend in shredding?
Taking a avalanche class!

ROTY (Rookie of the year)?
Any of Jeff Moran’s (Adam Moran’s brother) kids with The Jackson Hole Snowboard Club. Those kids are insane!

Last time you crapped your pants? 
when I was little I guess?

Is Travis Moore a kook?
Travis is in a league of his own.  He turns Kooks into rockstars (look at Dr. Crockett for example)

Marriage, when is that going to happen?
Haha sometime!!

What type of facial hair should Garrett Russell grow next?
I don’t think Garrett can grow facial hair, he was born with that mustache!

Do you feel like a failure because do not know how the “fiscal cliff” will effect the resale value of your properties?
I only own The Bonnie Belle Cabin, and it’s not for sale, but I’ll rent it to you!!

Any advice for the kiddies?
Cotton kills, tall tees in snow make you look like you have a frozen skirt on!  Stay away from wearing your little sister’s pants!

Have you ever fallen on a snowboard?
OH yeah!!

State the best of the following:


with style
Beastie Boys
Ever try and walk to TAGE with Garrett Russell?
light and free
SGT Legend
John Sang Wilbur, J Rags, Raul Pinto
Country (there is a right answer)
The one with the best snow at the time.

Hair Color?
Mine is brown

Do your parents hate your snowboard friends?

Biggest Cliff you have dropped?
On purpose?

Claim your sponsors:
The North Face, Smith Optics, Venture Snowboards, The Levitation Project, Burton Boots, Air Blaster, Spark R&D, MTN Approach, Silverton Mountain Guides Alaska Heli, SGT, and The Bonnie Belle Cabin.

Better movie Top Gun or Art of Flight?
Top Gun can’t beat that sound track!

Are the Red Bull contests legit? Who is going to win in 2013 and why?
2013 what??  Have you seen the Red Bull Rampage!!

Murder, Make-out, Marry (Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes, Katie Perry)?
Who? Do they snowboard?

Lucas Moore, great or greatest ever? 
Mas Blanco, great at picking bad music to wake up SGT campers every morning, Greatest Dancer to get the club going from okay to epic.

How many nicknames do you have? Please list them and how you got them?
In Argentina I go by skilar but pretty sure that’s a language barrier more than a nickname!

Party story, go.
Anytime, The A-Team is together, Garrett, Billy Mac, Mas Blanco, Burns, T-Bird, Sang, Luke. Join the fun or stand back….That Just Happened!!

Last time you were in jail? Why?
Argentina, no comment.  But lots of Mate!

How many double corks do you have?
I like Malbec, it usually only has one cork per bottle!
Best way to pick up a chick hanging out in front of Tage?
Be about 16 years old! TAGE is for Coffee and fuel for the day of shredding as you walk to the Gondola, and for an aprè pancho or empanada at the end of the day! Best food on the mountain!!

What is your greatest accomplishment in life?
Getting paid to shred 300+ days a year for the past ten years.

Any advice on how to hook up free drinks at Mute?
What’s MUTE?? Kiosco!

Final Score and Rating:

Skilar stayed true to his roots. Answering the questions on his terms, which is also the way he snowboards. For a brief moment I felt him gaze into the abyss of the unknown and contemplated letting go to fall into untold horrors. Luck for us he held on and will remain champion of the night and the best story teller at camp. For that he receives 46 points.