Avalanche Courses in Argentina

We offer AAA Recreational Level I Avalanche Training courses at SASS Argentina led by AAA professional member and AIARE Course Leader, Travis Feist. SASS Global Travel is an American Avalanche Association course provider. These courses are in addition to...

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At SASS Global Travel our product, and what separates us from other adventure travel companies, is the quality of our staff. Whether it is the experience and professionalism of our guides and coaches, the dedication and efficiency of our...

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How To Ski and Snowboard in Japan

Last week we gave you five good reasons to visit Japan. Now that you’re (hopefully) sold on sending it on the trip of a lifetime this winter, it’s time to prepare mentally and physically for your journey to the...

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Learn to Tour at SASS Argentina

If you’re considering coming to SASS Argentina this summer or (even better) if you’re already registered, you already know how to ride a chairlift up and make your way downhill on your skis/board. But what about if there are...

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Longboard vs. Shortboard

I, like most surfers out there, paddled into my first waves on a longboard. The 9’0” singlefin absolute beater of a log was generously gifted to me from a previous generation. I was lucky enough to progress quickly as a...

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